Fengist's Drag Cube Modifier

This is a KSP Drag Cube modifier. It's purpose is to simply recalculate drag cubes based on a percentage of the original values. Copy the single line representing the drag cube from the PartDatabase.cfg and paste it in the text box below. Change the percentages to the new desired value and click submit.

Paste your one line from your Drag Cube below.

It should look like this:

cube = Default, 14.605,0.3707,4.811, 14.605,0.3729,4.811, 18.040,0.31955,5.828, 18.040,0.28225,2.854, 14.71,0.3717,4.811, 14.71,0.3728,4.811, 0,3.73,0, 7.236,7.46,7.236

Original Drag Cube

Enter in the percentage change you'd like to make to each of the 3 values.

Area Percentage Modifier

Drag Percentage Modifier

Depth Percentage Modifier