The Voynich Manuscript – Yet another look at this mysterious book

Voynich Explorer – Transcriber (beta) released.

The VE-T is a program I’ve written to solve some of the issues I’ve been having while working with previous transcriptions of the Voynich. It’s a relatively simple program designed to allow users to view images of the Voynich while typing in Roman representations of Voynich characters and seeing those characters displayed in the EVA font.

You can download and get more information here.

About this website

Before I even begin this, let me say this website is NOT another attempt to make sense of the manuscript by invoking medieval scientists, charlatans, hoaxes or (my God people) aliens. Nor is this website an attempt to rearrange the letters of the Voynich by claiming it’s written in anagrams in order to conveniently create words that meet my religious agenda. This website, I hope, is different.

If you are not familiar with the Voynich, begin your journey here:

That, is the Voynich Manuscript.

If you’d like a quick introduction that only scratches the surface, search for the National Geographic documentary entitled: The Book That Can’t Be Read

If you are familiar with it, you may want to skip this introduction entirely and start digging into the tools and some of my posts regarding it.


The basic purpose of this website is NOT to intentionally crack the Voynich. Although, if it is cracked as a result of this website, I won’t complain. The purpose IS to prove a resource for those who are attempting to crack the Voynich. One of the things I’ve discovered in researching this mysterious book is that there are a lot of people who are researching it and there’s a lot of information available. However, I’ve found very little in the way of interactive research. A place where a researcher can go play with the Voynich. The other thing I’ve discovered is a lack of a centralized location for Voynich research. This website will hope to solve both those problems.

What you’ll find

So far I’m taking a two-pronged approach. The first is a set of very basic tools for plotting and graphing. The second is a bit more ambitious, to index into a searchable database as many of the Voynich related websites as I possibly can (limitations here are time and database size.)  Both of these projects are ongoing so expect things to change from time to time.

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