Note Press

NPLogo1Note Press is an extremely easy to use note system for the WordPress Admin panel. Creating to-do lists, leaving instructions for clients, collecting code snippets or collaborating with other admins are just a few of the uses for Note Press. Unlike other note plugins, Note Press keeps thing extremely simple by using features familiar to all WordPress users. Simply click on the Note Press admin button and your notes are listed.

Download Note Press

If you find Note Press useful and would like to see continued development, please take a moment and drop a few coins in our hat to let us know. Without donations, many plugins like Note Press simply wouldn’t exist or would die a quiet death from inattention. And it’s healthy, donating provides you with karma and us with coffee.

That, and we really hate seeing those plugins with gobs of links to their pro version.  So, if you’d like us to keep working on Note Press and keep it FREE… let us know with a donation.  Even a $1 buys us a pack of sugar for our coffee!

Using Note Press

Using Note Press is extremely easy. Simply click on the Note Press menu item on your dashboard and begin adding notes. If you can manage posts or pages to WordPress, you can use Note Press. Below are some FAQ’s about Note Press for things that might not be obvious.

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Note Press list of available notes.








Note Press, viewing a note.








Note Press, adding a new note.